Can I sign in to the Wellness app with my Walmart Pharmacy account?

Walmart Pharmacy services recently moved from the Walmart Shopping & Grocery app to the new Walmart Wellness app. This allows you to manage all medications, Walmart Pharmacy services, and important health information for yourself, family, and loved ones in one place. 

If you are an existing Walmart Pharmacy customer who has already verified your Walmart Pharmacy account for online access, you can sign in to the Wellness app with your Walmart Pharmacy sign-in email address.

(If you have not yet verified your Walmart Pharmacy account for online access, follow the instructions in this article instead). 

To access a verified Walmart Pharmacy account in the Wellness app:

1. Download the Walmart Wellness app on a mobile device.

(Available in the App Store or Google Play Store).

2. Tap Get started.

3. Depending on your device, you will see one or more sign-in options:

If the app recognizes your preferred Walmart account: 
— Tap " Yes, use this account".

To sign in with a different Walmart account: 
— Tap " No, use a different account"

If you see "Create your Walmart account" (screenshot below):
— a. Bypass this screen and tap Sign in (below "Already have an account"?).
— b. Enter the email and password registered with Walmart Pharmacy. 
— c. Tap Sign in

4. Select whose health you are managing:

a. My own (yourself), or Someone else's.

5. Complete the fields to create a profile.

6. To start managing your prescription medications:

a. Tap Explore the app.

b. Tap Medications (bottom navigation bar).
c. Tap Manage (top left). 
d. Scroll down to Walmart Pharmacy Services
e. Tap View and refill prescriptions or Prescription History.
f. Tap any available prescription to view more details and options. 

7. You're all set! You can now manage Walmart Pharmacy prescriptions in the Wellness app.

To learn more about the Walmart Wellness app, visit the Wellness Help Center.

For help with other Walmart services or to contact customer care: Visit the Help Center.