Walmart's Enhanced Nutrition Insights Program: Privacy Information

What This Is About 

The Enhanced Nutrition Insights Program is an additional service, provided as a free add-on to the WellnessMyWay program, to provide insights from your previous grocery purchases to your healthcare team to personalize the service you receive. This form describes how Walmart will use your information in our Enhanced Nutrition Insights Program (“Program”). You should read this along with Walmart's main rules on privacy here. If you say "Yes" to this Program, you are okay with how we use your information.

What This Covers 

This information is only about the Enhanced Nutrition Insights Program. Saying "Yes" to this Program does not change any other agreements you might have with Walmart or any of their other health programs. This information supplements the  Walmart Privacy Policy. This information will be controlled in the event of any conflict between this information and the Walmart Privacy Policy.

What Information We Collect

We gather information like:
• Past product purchases
• Eating habits now
• Nutritional needs or deficiencies
• Food choices
• Food allergies
• Food issues
• Your ideas about food
• Other data as needed

We get this information in different ways:
• Your Walmart account buying in the past. This can be what you buy now or have in the past.
• Receipts and other forms. This can be what you buy now or have in the past.We will use this information to personalize the service you receive

How We Use Your Calls 

If you talk to our food expert on the phone, we might record it to make the Program better.

Who Sees Your Information

Only specific people on your Program team will see this information. We will use it to make the Program better for you.

Saying No After Saying Yes

If you change your mind about participating in the Enhanced Nutrition Insights Program, contact your Community Health Resource Specialist who can revoke your consent. Your participation in the Enhanced Nutrition Insights Program, does not impact your participation in WellnessMyWay.

Information We Keep but Make Nameless

After leaving the Program, we might use your information to determine if the Program is helping people.

How Long We Keep the Info 

We will have your information only if you are in the Program. When we must by law, we will keep a record of your data for ten (10) years.By being in the Program, you agree for Walmart to collect and use your information this way.

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