Medication scanning issues and solutions

Scanning medications into the Walmart Wellness app should be easy and fun! Whether it's your first time scanning—or you're running into issues on your device—this guide will help you achieve the perfect scans.

Quick guide to scanning medications in Walmart Wellness:

First, follow these tips to set up your scanning environment: 

Find an area with bright indirect light:

  • A sunny window: Sit as close to the window as possible. Avoid direct sunlight.    
  • A lamp: Shine the light near the bottle, but not directly on it (e.g. the wall, ceiling, etc).
  • Overhead lighting: Make sure the medication bottle is well-lit and not covered by a shadow.

  • 2
    Place the medication bottle  upright on a flat, stable surface:

  • A counter, desk, or portable tray works great. If using a windowsill, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Set the bottle upright (not on its side) to prevent label obstruction and to keep the bottle from rolling.
  • Allow light to shine towards the bottle, not behind it. (This prevents dark scans).

  • 3
    Place your mobile device upright on a flat, stable surface:

  • Stand your phone up vertically (like a tripod).
  • Use a book, the edge of a surface, or a mobile phone stand for stability.
  • Position the camera lens to face directly across from the medication bottle.

  • 4
    Do not hold the medication bottle:

  • Holding the bottle may obstruct the label, or cause shakiness and blurry scans.

  • 5
    Make sure the label is completely visible and legible:

  • If you're unable to read the label, the scan likely won't be able to read it either.
  • If necessary, you can always manually enter the med by tapping Type Instead on the scanning screen.

  • Ready to scan?

    1. Tap Medications in the app. 
    2. Tap the (+) button (bottom right on Android, top right on iOS).
    3. Make sure the medication bottle is positioned inside the brackets of the scanning view screen.
    4. Scan your first image by pressing the shutter button on your device.
    5. Rotate the bottle between each scan (4 times total), making sure all parts of the label are visible across all 4 scans. 
    6. Tap Submit when ready.

      Note: Do not scan the barcode only. This is proprietary information specific to your pharmacy and will result in a rejected scan.


    Scans/Images not processing

    Scans take some time to process and the Walmart Wellness app will notify when a scan fails. Please try to follow the instructions above and get a clear scan. A clear scan should be readable.

    Scans/Images processing too slow

    It may take longer for scans to process depending on the device and connection. Make sure you are on a reliable data or WiFi connection.

    Image won't focus

    Some device's may have focus issues. Make sure your device and the Walmart Wellness app is updated. You can always tap " Type instead" on the medication scanning screen to enter your medication manually.

    Not all info scanned

    Not all info can be automatically entered. Info that is hard to parse or unreadabable won't go through our system. Medication info can still be corrected and edited.

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