Connect CareZone data to the Wellness app

Welcome! The former CareZone app moved to the Walmart Wellness app, where you can continue to enjoy the same features that were available in CareZone. 

Connect CareZone data to the Walmart Wellness app

If you previously had an active CareZone account when the app moved to Walmart Wellness, you can connect your CareZone data and access it in the Wellness app. Here's how:

Step 1: Download the Walmart Wellness app 

  1. Open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) on your mobile device. 
  2. Search for "Walmart Wellness" and download the app.

Step 2: Sign in to connect your CareZone data

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If you are new to

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Click the Create account button (at the bottom). 
  4. Enter your first and last name (make sure there are no extra spaces before or after).
  5. Enter your registered CareZone email address 
  6. Create a new password.
  7. Click the Create account button.
  8. Click Yes, import my data to connect your CareZone data.

If you already have a account registered with the same CareZone sign-in email:

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app.
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Enter your registered email and password.
  4. The app will identify your CareZone account if your sign-in email matches.
  5. Click Sign in.
  6. Click Yes, import my data to connect your CareZone data.
  7. If you have issues accessing the Wellness app, make sure the CareZone app is uninstalled from your device. 

Step 3: IMPORTANT: Uninstall the CareZone app 

  1. Once your CareZone data is connected, search for the "CareZone" app on your mobile device. (It's the app with the little owl).  
  2. Uninstall the CareZone app and delete it from your device. (This step is very important!)
    (Note: Uninstalling CareZone does not delete data that was already migrated to Walmart Wellness.)
  3. Once CareZone is uninstalled, you can use the Wellness app to access your CareZone data and add new data at any time.

FAQ and troubleshooting for CareZone members

Reset password

If you forgot your former CareZone password, you can create a new password to sign in and connect your CareZone data to the Walmart Wellness app. Follow the steps below for your specific device (iOS or Android). 

On iOS:

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app on your iOS device.
  2. On the sign-in screen, tap Forgot password? (below the Password field). 
  3. Enter your registered email address.
  4. Tap Continue
  5. Go to the email inbox associated with your registered email address. 
  6. Open the "Verify it's you" email from
  7. Copy and paste the numeric verification code provided in the email (e.g. "W - 000000")
    (Enter the numeric digits only, without the "W").
  8. Return to the Walmart Wellness app. 
  9. Enter the numeric verification code (e.g. "000000")
  10. Tap Submit code.
  11. Enter a new password. 
  12. Tap Update password
  13. You can now sign in with your same registered email address and new password. 

On Android:

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app on your Android device.
  2. On the sign-in screen, enter your registered email address. 
  3. Tap Continue
  4. Tap Forgot password? (below the Password field).
  5. Verify the registered email address and tap Continue
  6. Go to the email inbox associated with your registered email address. 
  7. Open the "Verify it's you" email from
  8. Copy and paste the numeric verification code provided in the email (e.g. "W - 000000")
    (Enter the numeric digits only, without the "W").
  9. Return to the Walmart Wellness app. 
  10. Enter the numeric verification code (e.g. "000000")
  11. Tap Continue
  12. Enter a new password. 
  13. Tap Save new password
  14. You can now sign in with your same registered email address and new password. 

I signed in to Wellness but don’t see my CareZone data

Confirm you are using the correct sign-in email from CareZone:

  1. Sign out of the Walmart Wellness app.
    1. To sign out: Click your profile icon (top left). Click Settings. Click Sign Out.
  2. Search your email inbox for "CareZone" to locate any past emails that confirm your original sign-in email. 
  3. If you have multiple email addresses (or more than one CareZone account), try to sign in with each email address. 
  4. If you share email addresses with a family member or signed up to care for a spouse, parent, child, or loved one, try to sign in with their email address instead.
  5. If you use variations of your main email address (e.g. or enter the email exactly as it was entered when you registered.

I’m unable to install the Walmart Wellness app on my device

The Walmart Wellness app supports mobile devices running Android 6.0.1 (and later) and iOS 13 (and later). Devices running older operating systems no longer receive necessary security updates from the manufacturer. If your current operating system is not supported, check your device's Settings app to see if the manufacturer will allow you to update to a supported operating system. 

I see one of the following errors when I try to connect my CareZone data

  • This email already belongs to a Wellness account
  • This CareZone account is already associated with another Wellness account

These errors indicate that you've already connected your CareZone data to Walmart Wellness. Follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  1. Uninstall the old CareZone app from your device first (it will cause an error if it's still installed).
  2. Open the Walmart Wellness app.
  3. Enter your registered email and password to reconnect with your CareZone data.

I tried troubleshooting, but still don't see my CareZone data

  1. Check your email inbox for any past emails from "CareZone" regarding important updates about your CareZone account or data. 
  2. If you previously downloaded CareZone data to a personal device or computer last year (prior to the app migrating to Walmart), the independent data is unable to be imported into the Walmart Wellness app. Only data that was directly migrated from CareZone to Walmart Wellness is supported by the app. We sincerely apologize for any disappointment. 

Can I opt-out of connecting my CareZone data?

Yes. No action is needed if you wish to not connect your data. Your CareZone data will only connect in the app if you choose to complete process.

If you still have issues connecting your CareZone data after trying the above troubleshooting steps, please contact our support team and include "CareZone help" in the body of your email.  

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