Connect CareZone to Walmart Wellness

Welcome! The CareZone app has recently moved to the new Walmart Wellness app. If you are a former CareZone customer, you can continue to access your data and enjoy the same features previously available in CareZone. 

Follow this guide to connect your CareZone data with the Walmart Wellness app. 

Step 1: Install the Walmart Wellness app

iPhone and iPad: Android:
Click here to install from the App Store

Click here to install from Google Play

Step 2: Connect your CareZone account

I do not yet have a account: I have an existing account:
  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app.
  2. Tap Get Started
  3. Tap the Create account button (at the bottom). 
  4. Enter your first and last name.
  5. Enter your registered CareZone email address 
  6. Create a new password.
  7. Tap the Create account button.
  8. Tap Yes, import my data to connect your CareZone data.
  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app.
  2. Tap Get Started
  3. Enter your existing email and password.
  4. The app will identify your CareZone account if the sign-in emails match.
  5. Tap Sign in.
  6. Tap Yes, import my data to connect your CareZone data.

Forgot your CareZone Password?

These instructions work on mobile devices only (not compatible on desktop computers):

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your registered CareZone email address. 
  3. Click Forgot password?.
  4. Check your email inbox on your mobile device only.
  5. Open the email titled "Please verify your CareZone account".
  6. Click "Verify CareZone account" (inside the email).
  7. The Walmart Wellness app will open to connect your CareZone data. 
  8. Tap Continue (at the bottom) to access your CareZone data. 

Tip: If your email address is not recognized, search your email accounts for "CareZone" to confirm the correct registered email address. 


Why don't I see my CareZone data in the Wellness app after creating a new account?

Your CareZone information will appear in the Walmart Wellness app as long as you enter the original registered CareZone email address. Check your email to make sure there are no typos and that the email domain is accurate (,, etc).

How do I start fresh with a new account without connecting my CareZone data?

After downloading the Wellness app, follow the steps to create a new account but choose to sign up for a new account (instead of connecting with CareZone). 

I don't want to use the Wellness app or connect my CareZone account. What do I do? 

You don't have to do anything at all. The accounts will only connect if you choose to complete the sign up process.

How do I close my Wellness app account?

To close your Wellness app account, tap the "contact us" link below to submit your request.

Having issues connecting your account or still need help?

Click here to contact us