Sign up for a Walmart Wellness app account

Whether you are new to Walmart or an existing customer, you can download the free Walmart Wellness app to manage medications and health for yourself, your family, and your loved ones. 

The Walmart Pharmacy services offered in the app are an additional benefit for those who would like to manage pharmacy and health records in one place. Joining pharmacy services are not required to use the Wellness app.

The Wellness app is currently available on iOS and Android mobile devices. 

1. Download the Walmart Wellness app on a mobile device.

Android: click here to download from the Google Play Store.
iOS: click here to download from the App Store.
— Or search for "Walmart Wellness" in either app store.

(If you are unable to install the app, please check the app store page to confirm your device is compatible.)

2. Open the Walmart Wellness app

— (a) Tap Get started

3. Choose a sign-in option (this will vary based on your account status):

If the app suggests an existing account:
— (a) Tap "Yes, use this account" (or "No, use a different account).
— (b) Enter your registered sign-in email.

If the app does not suggest your existing account:
— (a) Tap  Sign in.
— (b) Enter your registered sign-in email.

If you do not have a account:
— (a) Tap  Create account
— (Do not create a new account if you already have a account)

4. Select whose health you are managing:

a. My own (yourself), or Someone else's.

5. Complete the fields to create a profile.

6. Choose an option to manage your medications and health

If you currently use Walmart Pharmacy to manage prescriptions:
— (a) Tap  Explore the app.
— (b) Follow the steps in this article: How do I manage Walmart Pharmacy prescriptions and refills in the Wellness app?

If you would like to start managing prescriptions with Walmart Pharmacy:
— (a) Follow the steps in this article: How to verify online access for Walmart Pharmacy

To continue managing prescriptions outside of Walmart Pharmacy:
— (a) Tap any option on the Getting Started screen. 

To learn more about the Wellness app, visit the Walmart Wellness Help Center.

For help with  other Walmart services or to contact customer care: Visit the Help Center.

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