Add, edit, and turn off refill reminders

Medication refill reminders help monitor medication supply and prevent last minute trips to the pharmacy. 

To add edit, and delete medication refill reminders:

iOS instructions

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Medications (bottom menu).
  3. Tap a medication name (below "Active Medications").
  4. Scroll down to "Prescription Details".
  5. Tap Refill reminder.

Add a new refill reminder:

  1. Select a date, time, and frequency (e.g. "30 days").
  2. Tap Save (top right
  3. A reminder will display on your mobile device on the selected day and time.

    (Make sure to turn your device's push notifications on to receive your reminder).

Edit a refill reminder:

  1. Tap Edit (top right).
  2. Select a new date, time, and/or frequency.
  3. Tap Save (top right).

Delete a refill reminder:

  1. Tap Edit (top right).
  2. Tap Delete reminder.
  3. Tap Delete reminder (bottom) to confirm. 

Android instructions

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Medications (bottom menu).
  3. Tap a medication name (below "Your med list").
  4. Tap the Refill Info tab (top right).
    1. To set a new reminder: Tap Set Refill Reminder.
    2. To edit an existing reminder: Tap the current reminder (e.g. Every 30 days).
      1. Select the date ("Remind me on"), time ("At this time"), and frequency ("Then again every"), or tap None to receive a one-time only reminder.
      2. Tap Done.
      3. Tap DONE to save.
    3. To remove an existing reminder: Tap the X to the right of the reminder time. 
      1. Tap OK to save.

You'll see a push notification pop up on your mobile device on the day and time you select, reminding you to refill your medication!

Visit the Walmart Wellness Help Center to learn more about the Wellness app

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