Close a Walmart Wellness account

You can request to close your Walmart Wellness app, your account, or request to access your data at any time. Here's how:

Close your Walmart Wellness app account:

  1. Tap the blue Search button at the bottom right corner of this screen. 
  2. Type "cancel account" in the text field.
  3. Hit Enter on your keyboard (or tap the magnifying glass at the right).
  4. Tap "Ask" at the top right corner of the help box.
  5. Fill out the form to submit your cancel account request. 

When you close your account, we may retain some of your information if it is needed to comply with our legal obligations, comply with our record retention policies, or as otherwise permitted by law.

Close or reopen your account:

  1. Follow the instructions by posted here in the Help Center

Request to access or control your data:

  1. Open the Walmart Wellness app.
  2. Tap the Profile icon (top left).
  3. Tap Settings (bottom left).
  4. Scroll down to Privacy and select an option:
    1. Request my personal information 
    2. Do not sell my personal information
  5. Follow the options on the screen to complete your request.