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Wellness app

Getting started with the Walmart Wellness app

How to use the free Walmart Wellness app

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Prescription and medication management

Manage prescriptions and medications with the Wellness app or Walmart Pharmacy

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Reminder settings and sounds

Manage app reminders for medications, trackers, and customize reminder sounds

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Health trackers

Add, edit, and view trends for health trackers like blood pressure, sleep and more

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Profile sharing, caregiving, and family linking

Add or share profiles and link family members in the Wellness app

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More Wellness app features

Manage the Journal, Calendar, Notes, Photos & Files, To-Dos, and more

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Troubleshooting guide

Resolve issues with your Wellness app or Walmart Pharmacy services

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Account management

Manage personal account details and passwords

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Connect CareZone to the Wellness app

Connect former CareZone account data to the Walmart Wellness app

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Walmart Pharmacy FAQ

Common questions about online pharmacy services

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Online pharmacy services

Account access and verification

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Manage family prescriptions

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Pharmacy Forms

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Prescription refills and orders

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Pharmacy FAQ

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* COVID-19 digital vaccine record


Common questions about the COVID-19 digital vaccine record

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