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Digital Vaccine Record

Access a digital vaccine record for family member or dependent

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Apple Wallet

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Received one of a two-dose vaccination

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Share your digital vaccine record

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Unable to access pharmacy account

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Vaccinated at a location other than Walmart

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View and print your digital vaccine record

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Wellness App

Connecting CareZone to Walmart Wellness

How to connect CareZone account data to the Walmart Wellness app

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Managing Medications and Reminders

Manage medication lists, reminders, and schedules in the Walmart Wellness app

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Manage app reminders for medications, trackers, and customize reminder sounds

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Managing Health Vitals with Trackers

Add, edit, and view trends for health Trackers like Blood Pressure, Sleep and more

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Managing Profiles & Account Settings

Manage Walmart Wellness app profile info and personal account settings

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App Notification Settings

Manage Walmart Wellness app notifications and settings on your mobile device

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Using the Journal, Calendar, Notes, Photos & Files, To-Dos (and more)

Manage the Journal, Calendar, Notes, Photos & Files, To-Dos, and more

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Sharing Profiles and Coordinating Care with Others

Connect and coordinate care with others through the Walmart Wellness app

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Common questions about the Walmart Wellness mobile app and features

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Password Reset and Account Management

Password reset and account management tools for your Walmart Wellness app account

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