Prescription status and pharmacy refill orders

There are many convenient ways to access Walmart pharmacy prescription status and refill info:
  • In the Walmart app: Go to ServicesPharmacy > My Prescriptions (instructions below)
  • On the web: Sign in to the pharmacy website
  • By phone: Call your pharmacy store to access the self-guided phone prompt for prescription updates
  • In person: Visit your pharmacy store and speak directly to your pharmacy staff

Walmart app instructions:

If you have not done so already, you will need to verify your identity for online access first. 

  1. Sign in to the Walmart app with your registered email. 
  2. Tap Services (bottom right).
  3. Scroll down and tap Pharmacy (below "Popular Services").
  4. Verify your 4-digit PIN (or use biometric authentication, if available). 

View prescription status:

  1. Tap My prescriptions to show all prescriptions, including connected family members/dependents. 
  2. The prescription status is shown below each prescription name (e.g. "Ready for refill")

Refill a prescription: 

  1. Tap the checkbox next to any available prescription (or tap Scan to refill to add a new prescription).
  2. Tap Continue to start the refill process.
    1. (example screenshot): 
  3. Review the order and make any changes if needed.
    1. To change the payment type, tap Edit in the Payment field or follow the steps here: How to add and edit Payment.
  4. Tap Place Order to submit your refill order.
    1. (example screenshot):
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