Find glasses for your face shape and lifestyle

Step 1: Find your face shape

Oval face: Balanced features and gentle curves.

  • Oval faces can wear nearly any frame style. 
  • To add a little pizzazz, try square and rectangular frames, which contrast with your facial structure. 
  • Consider frames that are not too large or too small to maintain the natural balance of your features.

Oblong face: Elongated, generally tapers toward the chin.

  • Look for deep frame styles with low temple attachments.
  • Consider frames that are not too narrow to balance your features. 

Round face: Width and length are generally the same, with the widest point at the cheeks.

  • Look for square, rectangular, and angular frames.
  • Angular frame shapes play off of your fuller cheeks and rounded chin. 
  • Other shapes to try are those that upsweep at the corners to emphasize your eyes. 

Square face: Straight lines, square chin and broad forehead.

  • Look for oval and round frames.
  • Choose frames with soft, rounded edges to balance the lines of your face, while allowing your features to shine.

Triangular face: Narrower forehead with wider cheeks and jawline.

  • Try aviator style frame or frames that are wider at the temples and narrow toward the chin.
  • Complimentary frames add width to the forehead and soften the jawline.  

Diamond face: Very angular and wider at the temples.

  • Look for softly curved frames that are no wider than the cheekbones.
  • Complimentary frames are not too thick or decorative at the temples. 

Heart face: Strongly tapers toward the chin with a wider forehead.

  • Look for frames that balance the varying widths of your facial features. 
  • For example, bottom-heavy frames balance the narrowness of the lower half of your face, while oval shapes can soften a more pointed chin.

Step 2: Choose colors that complement your skin undertone, hair color, and eye color 

The right frame color says a lot about you! Rich, dark colors are essential to every wardrobe. Soft pastels make the eye “pop.” Splashes of color add interest and fun. 

  • Go to your personal wardrobe – think about the colors of clothes that you feel most comfortable wearing. Use this as a guide to help you select your frames. Knowing what colors suit your skin tone will also help you find the perfect frames.

Step 3: Frames to fit your style - Metal or Plastic?

  • Plastics – provide great definition and endless color choices
  • Metal – smooth and sleek for that classic look
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