Access, save, and print your Digital Vaccine Record

Your digital vaccine record is a secure digital version of your paper CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.

If you received a COVID-19 vaccination from a Walmart pharmacy or event and are 18+ years of age, you can easily access, save, and share your digital vaccine record from a mobile device or desktop computer. 

About your digital vaccine record:

  • It is a secure digital version of your paper CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.
  • The info is also encoded into a scannable QR code for quick access anytime, anywhere.
  • It includes only the clinical data about your immunization (not your potential immunity). 

To view your digital vaccine record, you will first need a account to connect to Walmart’s online pharmacy services. This process validates patient identity in compliance with federal and state law and protects the information of our patients. 

How to access your digital vaccine record:

  1. Visit the Digital Vaccine Record page on your mobile browser or desktop computer. 
  2. Select the View record button (located inside the banner at the top of the screen). 
  3. Select Sign In and enter your registered email and password. 
    1. Or select Create an account if you do not yet have a account. 
  4. Sign in to your pharmacy account if you previously verified your pharmacy account online.
    1. Or select Add Pharmacy Access if you have not yet verified your pharmacy account. 
  5. Once you are signed in and both accounts are connected, select the option to view your Digital Vaccine Record.

If you received your vaccination at a Sam’s Club location, sign in to your verified Sam’s Club account to access your digital vaccine record.

How to save and print your digital vaccine record:

  1. Follow the instructions above for "How to access your digital vaccine record". 
  2. While viewing your QR code, take a screenshot to save the code as a photo/image.
  3. To access the saved image:
    Open your device's photo gallery or image storage app (this will vary depending on your device).
  4. To print the image:
    Choose the print option in your device's photo or image storage app.