Why do I see the error "Sorry, we cannot access a digital vaccine record"?

If you are signed in to your Walmart Pharmacy account on the web and see an error message when trying to view your COVID-19 digital vaccine record, there may be a linking issue with your online pharmacy account or website browser. 

COVID-19 digital vaccine records are currently accessible by signing in to your Walmart Pharmacy account on the web. Vaccine records are not available in the Walmart Wellness app or Walmart Shopping & Grocery app.

To troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Sign out of your Walmart.com account on the web.
  2. Open a new web browser in private or incognito mode on your desktop or mobile web browser.
  3. Visit the Walmart Pharmacy Sign In page.
  4. Click Sign in.
  5. Enter your Walmart Pharmacy sign-in credentials.
  6. Click Sign In.
  7. Enter your 4-digit Walmart PIN (if prompted) and click Continue.  
  8. Click Account Information.
  9. Click Digital Vaccine Record (left menu bar).

Still need help with a digital vaccine record? Contact us. 

If you received your COVID-19 vaccine at Walmart or Sam’s Club and are unable to access your digital vaccine record, please call (855) 758-1094 to speak with a customer care agent.

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