Add family member and manage family prescriptions

You can add adults (18+ years), minors (under 18), and pets to your Walmart Pharmacy account to manage their prescriptions. 

  • Adults (18+ years) must register their own account to a unique email address.
  • Adult family dependents must approve requests before another member can manage their Walmart prescriptions (see Part 3 below). 
  • Child and pet family members will automatically appear in your Walmart Pharmacy account for immediate prescription management.

Part 1: Verify your account

  1. If your Walmart account is not verified for online pharmacy access: Add pharmacy access first

Part 2: Add a family member (adult, child, or pet):

  1. Visit the Walmart Pharmacy website.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Enter your registered email address.
    (This should match what your pharmacy store has on file.)
  4. Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  5. Click Mange Family Prescriptions.
  6. Click Add a family member.
  7. Make sure the "With Rx information" tab is selected at the top left. 
  8. Select who you are caring for (child, adult, pet). 
    1. If adult is selected: Enter the adult's full namedate of birth and registered email address.
  9. Enter the family member's Rx number (7 digits).
  10. Enter the family member's Store number (4 digits):
  11. Click Submit.

Part 3: Approve request to manage adult dependent prescriptions

When adding an adult (18+) to a Walmart Pharmacy account, the adult must approve the Pending Request (located in their Walmart Pharmacy account) before access is granted. 

  1. Visit the Walmart Pharmacy website on a desktop or mobile browser.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Enter the email address registered with your Walmart Pharmacy account. 
    (Your local pharmacy store can confirm the email on file for you.)
  4. Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  5. Locate the Pending request dialog on your pharmacy dashboard.

  6. Tap View Request.
  7. Tap Accept Link.
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