Unable to add pharmacy access ("We couldn't verify your identity")

Troubleshooting Guide

If you see an error when you try to Add Pharmacy Access, follow the guide below.

Part 1

Contact your local pharmacy store

  1. Call your local Walmart Pharmacy store (where you fill your medications). 
  2. Confirm the pharmacy has all info below saved correctly in their store system:
    1. first and last name
    2. date of birth
    3. phone number
    4. address
    5. Walmart.com sign-in email
  3. Confirm that you only have one pharmacy profile created.
    (Note: If you have additional profiles created at other Walmart pharmacy stores, they must be merged into one profile before verifying your account.)

Refresh your device/account settings

  1. Sign out of the Walmart.com website and Walmart app. 
  2. Open a new web browser window in private/incognito mode.
    (Or open a different browser you have not used with Walmart.com before.)
  3. Open your web browser's Preferences/Settings.
  4. Clear the web browser cache and history
  5. Sign in to the Walmart Pharmacy website with your registered email address. 
    (NoteDo not "Create a new account" instead.)
  6. Click Add Pharmacy Access.
  7. Enter all personal details to match exactly as they are saved by your pharmacy store. 
  8. Click Continue and complete the verification process.
    (Note: Do not attempt online verification more than twice in 24 hours.) 

Need more help?
If the error continues, follow  Part 2 below.

Part 2

Verify in person at your local store

  1. Visit your local Walmart Pharmacy store with your photo ID.
  2. Share that you were instructed to Create an Online Pharmacy Account in person at the store.
    (Note: If the pharmacy staff is unfamiliar with this process, ask for help from the pharmacy manager.)
  3. Show your photo ID and confirm that the pharmacy has all details below saved correctly:
    1. first and last name
    2. date of birth
    3. phone number
    4. address
    5. Walmart.com sign-in email
  4. Confirm that you only have one pharmacy profile created.
    (Note: Any additional profiles created by other stores must be merged into one profile.)
  5. If the pharmacy is able to create your online account, you will receive an email with instructions.     
    1. Open the email from Walmart Pharmacy when you receive it. 
    2. Click the Get started button inside the email.
    3. Verify your personal details to complete verification.
    4. Once verification is complete, your pharmacy profile will be connected to your Walmart.com account. 

Need more help?
If your pharmacy store is unable to create your online account, follow Part 3 below.

Part 3

Contact customer care

  1. Call 1-800-WALMART.
  2. Select Option 1 on your phone keypad.
  3. Say "Pharmacy account" after the automated voice prompt. 
  4. Let the agent know you are "unable to Add Pharmacy Access online and at your local store".
  5. Be ready to provide your personal account details and a valid Walmart Pharmacy Rx # over the phone. 

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