Digital Vaccine Record FAQ

How do I access a COVID-19 digital vaccine record for myself?

You must first verify your identity online, then sign in to your pharmacy account in the app or on the web. Here's how: View, save, print a COVID-19 digital vaccine record.

How do I access a digital vaccine record for a family member or dependent?

Currently, only the pharmacy patient connected to a account will see their own digital vaccine record. Each vaccinated individual must create their own account and connect to the online pharmacy services to access their digital vaccine record. Access for family members and dependents will be available in the future. 

  • If your account is registered to your name but is linked to another family member's pharmacy account—you must create a second account for yourself and connect your pharmacy account to access your digital vaccine record. Then, follow these steps: View, save, or print COVID-19 vaccine record.

Do I have a digital vaccine record if I only received one dose of a two-dose vaccination?

Yes. Your digital vaccine record will include information about doses you have received from Walmart or Sam’s Club. If you are scheduled to receive a second dose, your digital vaccine record will be updated following your second immunization.

How do I share my digital vaccine record with other apps or services?

You can choose to share your digital vaccine record with any app or service that supports the SMART Health Card standard including CLEAR, CommonPass and CommonHealth. To share your record, install your preferred supported app from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the app developer’s instructions to connect your data. 

What info is included in a digital vaccine record?

The COVID-19 digital vaccine record is a secure digital version and backup copy of your paper CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card. Only the clinical data about your COVID-19 immunization is includedThe record also features a scannable QR code for easy access from a mobile device at any time. 

What info is not included in a digital vaccine record?

Your other vaccinations and immunizations (flu, shingles, etc) and potential immunity are not included. Here's how to access all vaccination history: View and download Rx history (and all vaccinations)

What is required to access a digital vaccine record?

  • You received a COVID-19 vaccination from a Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy or event
  • You are 18 years of age or up
  • You connected your account to the online pharmacy services
  • You are located within the United States

Can I add the digital vaccine record QR code to Apple Wallet?

The digital vaccine record is not yet supported by Apple Wallet. However, the QR code can be added to other digital wallet apps including CommonPass and CommonHealth.

I was not vaccinated at Walmart or Sam’s Club. Do I have a digital vaccine record?

You will not have a digital vaccine record available through Walmart if you were vaccinated by another provider—even if you are an existing Walmart Pharmacy patient. Walmart does not have possession of vaccine records stored with other providers. Please contact the provider where you received your vaccination for more information on your vaccination card.You may also wish to check with the state or local health department where you were vaccinated to see if they offer independent digital vaccine record options.

Why do I see the error "Sorry, we cannot access a digital vaccine record"?

If you see an error message when you try to view your Digital Vaccine Record in your pharmacy account, make sure you complete the steps to verify your identity with the online pharmacy services first. Follow the steps here to troubleshoot the issue: Why do I see the error "Sorry, we cannot access a digital vaccine record"?

Still need help with a digital vaccine record? Contact us. 

If you received your COVID-19 vaccine at Walmart or Sam’s Club and are unable to access your digital vaccine record, please call (855) 758-1094 to speak with a customer care agent.

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