Online Pharmacy FAQ

How do I view and refill prescriptions online?

First, complete the steps to verify your identity online. Then, sign in to the Walmart app or Pharmacy website to access your Walmart prescriptions online. For more detailed instructions, follow the steps here: View and refill prescriptions online.

Can I manage prescriptions for someone else in my pharmacy account?

You can add adults (18+ years), minors (under 18), and pets to your Walmart Pharmacy account to manage their prescriptions online. Adult members (18+ years) must register their own account and approve any requests to manage their prescriptions online. To learn more, follow these steps: Add a family member.

What pharmacy services are available in my area?

Walmart offers a variety of ways to manage prescription medications online, by phone, through the mail, or in person. For help with an existing service or to learn more, visit About Walmart Pharmacy Services.

How do I view prescription medication prices online?

First, complete the steps to verify your identity to approve access to your pharmacy account online. Then, follow the steps to view prescriptions and medication prices

How do I add or update my Rx insurance info?

We are currently working on a way to add and update insurance details online. In the meantime, please call or visit your local pharmacy store to provide any updates to your insurance policy. To learn how, follow these steps: Add or update insurance info.

How do I find the hours, location and phone number for my local pharmacy store?

Visit the Walmart Store Finder online, search by zip code, tap Store detail next to your preferred store, then scroll down to view Pharmacy hours and phone number. To learn more, follow these steps: Find Walmart pharmacy store hours and more.

How do I view or print my pharmacy prescription refill history?

To access the last 24 months of your pharmacy refill history in your online pharmacy account, follow the steps here: View Rx refill history.

How do I schedule or cancel a COVID-19 or other vaccination appointment?

To book or cancel a vaccination for COVID-19, flu, hepatitis, HPV, pneumonia, shingles and Tdap, follow the steps here: Schedule or cancel a vaccine.

How do I access a COVID-19 vaccine record online?

If you received a COVID-19 vaccination from Walmart or Sam's, you can access your digital vaccine record in to your online pharmacy account. You must first complete the steps to verify your identity online. For more help, follow the steps here: Access COVID-19 digital vaccine record.

How do I reset my Walmart password or PIN code?

Visit the Walmart Pharmacy website (not the app) and request a password or PIN reset. To learn how, follow the steps here: Reset Walmart password or PIN

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